Genesis of Design Method | Ep. 3 Redefining Ancestral Roots – Wendy Teo

Wendy establishes and nurtures Wendy Teo Atelier (Architectural Practice) and Borneo Laboratory (Curatorial Body), accommodating her interest in developing projects with the participatory model, vernacular wisdom, sensible fabrication, and anthropological insight. Her practice is centered on an approach that allows caring for the earth, sensibility for material, and bonding with local craftsmanship.

She will present her journey from his researches and works during studying at Bartlett School of Architecture and working with Norman Foster. Returned to Kuching, her hometown, then she explored bamboo potentials with systematic approaches in sharing the skills with others (even the non-architect group). Further, she will also share her exploration and advancements in the potentials of humble materials with her project titled “narratives of the soil”. In the urban realm, Urban Green Pockets is a creative approach to exploring computational fabrication with a local fabricator network. Lastly, she will tell us about her project in Think, Theater, and Big Trip.

Video Rekaman Kelas


Wendy Teo Boon Ting

She is a UK ARB/RIBA Chartered Architect, Curator, Researcher and Tutor that seeing embedding social-culture dialogue in forming architecture as her ultimate pursuit. Her works has been translated into varied medium and scale throughout her commitment with Foster and Partners, Divooe Zein Atelier, Borneo Art Collective, Taiwan Architect Magazine, CanopyU…

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