Genesis of Design Method | Ep. 2 It Takes a Village to Raise a Child – Yann Follain

How to bring Rural values within the high dense City environment in a tropical context?

Can these two antinomic contexts be merged together for a better living environment and more importantly fight climate change?

“Good Food, Good Life” aims to provide an answer to these questions. The winning scheme of the C40 Reinventing Cities Singapore is an adaptive reuse project that reevaluates modern capitalistic goals and advocates circularity and inclusivity through the “Virtuous Food Cycle” concept. It re-introduces Nature as an integral Partner in the kindred friendly recreational node. Each planned intervention builds on a flexible structure that will equalize and manage the connection of Heritage, People and Planet for a sustainably efficient and unprejudiced environment.

The fundamental principles of this innovative project – Initiate, Transform, Share, Recover, carries WY-TO philosophy “Design with A Cause” prominently. Indeed, everyone will be able to experiment with urban farming techniques in the allotment garden plots, harness the benefits of nature’s healing powers through well-being focused programmes.

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Yann Follain

Yann Follain is the founder of WY-TO’s Singapore practice and co-founder of WY-TO architects in Paris. He was named, together with Pauline Gaudry, co-founder of WY-TO architects in Paris, one of Europe’s most important and emerging young architects and designers in Europe 40 Under 40 for 2016 by The European…

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