Genesis of Design Method | Ep. 5 Specific Context – Kevin Low

Specific Context is a follow through from the previous lecture on ‘Pride’, hosted by OMAH Library last year. Where ‘Pride’ was about the way in which architects serve their pride more than they serve deeper efforts for work and responsibility, Specific Context is how the service of our pride inevitably leads to a dark generalised treatment of context, in use of purely formal contextual elements as a backdrop for creativity, in neglect of the absolutely vital relationships that collectively provide proper definition and understanding of each specific context.

The same examples presented in the lecture on ‘Pride’ will be further elaborated in this lecture, in detail, narrative and development, to fully describe the damage projects can do to surrounding communities and neighbourhoods in the name of ‘creativity’, and in disregard for the sum total of what constitutes the profound and beautiful complexities of each specific context we are mere visitors to.

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Kevin Low

Drawing from graduate and postgraduate degrees in architecture and art history from the United States, and ten years of corporate experience at GDP Architects in Malaysia, Kevin established smallprojects in 2002 and has worked alone since. He teaches and lectures internationally, and his work and writing have been published regionally…

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