Book Discussion – Shape as Memory – Riswanda Setyo Addino

Host: Ivan Kurniawan Nasution

Shape as Memory written by Michael Layton was published in 2006. The author is a professor in the Department of Psychology at Rutgers University. In the same year, the book won the Presidential Young Investigatory Award for outstanding work in the field of cognitive science. In its time, this book has made a significant contribution to the multi-disciplinary research that began using computational techniques. Some of them are in the field of meteorology and geophysics to examine storm, mathematical, flight design, to art studies. This title is part of six other Leyton books centered on process-grammar: a method for describing the formation of an object through the bending of geometric objects. In Shape as Memory, Leyton explains the implication of process-design methods in the world of architecture.

The development of geometry for three thousand years is in tune with Euclid’s conception of congruence over the basic forms of symmetrical geometry. The architecture also felt the impact, which was most evident in the development of the shape of the building. Combination of cartesian axis with design using paper media, building form is still limited. In this modern era, computer equipment is very helpful for the birth of new forms. More expressive formations such as the realization of a painting or a work with CAD help. The computer itself is closely related to memory, not just about the power of computer records of an activity. Memory is also about humans who use it as a tool to find the physical form of the building, so the building can speak and read history formation.

Let’s learn and be inspired!

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