Book Discussion – Eladio Dieste – Fakhriyyah Khairunnida’

Host: Ivan Kurniawan Nasution

In the 1950s, Uruguay has rapid growth economy which make people look for a new form of investment, investing in property is one of them. The demand of high rise and huge big project rise up. It is supported with a new law of condominium by the government. People are making their way toward private creative ownership. This condition leads the new transformation of architecture leaving the international style and modernism behind. Moreover, the education take a part in this change, the curriculum of architectural education in university emphasizes on technology and social science. Thus, the graduates from this era such as Raul Sichero, Luis Garcia Pardo, Mario Paysee, Eladio Dieste and others have their own style in elaborating material and locality of their country. [8]

Eladio Dieste Saint Martin was born on December 10, 1917, in Artigas, a town in northern Uruguay on the Brazilian Border. He was born from a couple, Eduardo Eladio Dieste Goncalvez and Elisa Dieste Goncalvez, which had 3 children Elisabeth Emma Johanna, Saul Dieste Saint Martin and Eladio himself.[1] He’s raised by his atheist father but then he converted and accepted the Catholic faith. He enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering of The University of The Republic in the capital city of Montevideo in 1936, and then he graduated in 1943. A year after the graduation he married a German-Jewish immigrant who also following Dieste’s faith then. The couple had twelve children, but one of them died in infancy.[2]

Let’s learn and be inspired!

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