Learning From The Master – Glenn Murcutt

Fernisia Winnerdy

Fernisia who is one of the creative people of OMAH. She is currently also a member of the teaching team in Architecture Basic Design Studio in UPH Architecture, School of Design. She had been an intern in Sonny Sutanto Architect and graduated from UPH in 2012 before then involving in Monokroma architect, a firm based in Karawaci. She is also one of the curators of UPH Architecture 3rd Triannale Exhibition.

Host: Ivan Fernisia Winnerdy

“I do have a mobile phone, but… but like you… only families know my number… and I don’t.”

(Glenn Murcutt, pointing at his moderator, jesting about his own architecture practice – min.5 sec.43)

“Public Talk with Glenn Murcutt” was an event held by The Museum of Architecture and Design in 2012, with dr. Aleš Vodopivec as the moderator.

The talk reveals not only interesting facts about the 2002 Pritzker Prize winner, but also his spirit, energy, and concerns. When he designs architecture, he listens to nature. When he teaches architecture, he teaches about water, wind, aeroplane, and yacht

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