Suwadana Winata

Suwadana Winata is a well known individual even before his graduation from Tarumanegara University in 1997. As a student, he served as chairman of architecture major student council (IMARTA) where he spent time actively spoke about pedagogical changes. Enter the Final Project, he choose Art Theater within general topic of Indonesian culture.

Art Theater was planned on Kuningan, South Jakarta. It was inspired from Theater Koma “Semar Menggugat”, which took its origin from traditional Java skin puppet’s character. Semar is a bulky, wise, and mystic personage whom leads Punakawan; the quartet consist of himself, Petruk, Gareng, and Bagong. Rectangle dominance that preceived from plans, elevation, and section of his work aimed to propose the quality of “balance”. In contrast with majority of his peers, he choose to produce work from detail to general with Stirling-like axonometry which is not common on his campus. Apart from this project, his transistion from Final Project to surviving in monetary crisis era is to be understood as part of architectural nuance in late ‘98.

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