Sibarani Sofian

Sibarani Sofian finished his bachelor degree from Bandung Institute of Technology in 1997. His Final Projects amid political situation that moving slowly to monetary crisis of 1998. That time, university life was lethargic caused by student role’s in massive protest. This led to student’s tendency of postponing their study. He was selected as 4 year graduate ‘precendent’ while the length of study usually took 5 year. This program aimed to attract student back to school. He was the youngest and the best graduate in 1997. Yet, the following event after his graduation was not as sweet as he imagined to be.

His final project called “Fasilitas Komersial yang Terpadu dengan Stasiun Kereta Api Bogor”. Bogor as a part of co-existing city with Jakarta made its growth level rise rapidly. Primary choosing of public transportation between city was commuter Line Bogor-Jakarta. In 1996, Bogor station experiencing degradation of quality that demanded new design. The government planned on improvement with mixed use concept, which is integrated city circulation that oriented to pedestrian and public transportation (TOD). In his Final Project plan, the result proposed unit as part of urban planning that improves visual, spatial, function, economic, cultural, and social quality.

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