Bittersweet Memories in Design Experience | 10. Dicky Hendrasto


Dicky Hendrasto

Dicky Hendrasto graduated from the University of Indonesia in 1989. After he finished his bachelor’s study, this Jakarta-born joined DCM Jakarta. In 1996, he was selected as an associate, and in 2004 he became an associate director. In his spare time, he often does hand-drawn sketches and his works are later being displayed at some hotels designed by DCM. (from ARCHINESIA)

Dicky Hendrasto is one of 18 exhibitor of Titik Awal Exhibition. He had share about his final project titled ‘Rekreasi Pantai dan Marina Pluit’. He had been inspired by Calatrava’s project that he found from Architectural Record. Whlist exploring tensile structure to most detailed scale, he had to depends on very limited source and reference at the time. As he proposed his final work, his friend also explorating mass acrobatic shape. Finally, he had to give up and choose more conventional form. Yet, Pak Dicky choose to stay with his initial idea and finished it, because he figures that every built responsibility is on the hand of the architect. We need bravery to realize it. If one is assured with his/her decision, why one need to be afraid? This final work brought him to real architectural world. Pak Dicky had worked as interior designer in Hoemar Tjokrodiatmo, and then DCM, until now as its Associate Director. In designing, he applied graphic thinking method. His early ideas will emerge as fragments in the mind. These fragment needs to be processed with sketching. Between this phase, the idea will formed itself, clearer and more realistic. Then, the idea is ready to be developed and evaluated.

Thank you Mr. Dicky for sharing with us about your experience and approach. It was a very great night.

Kuliah dilaksanakan tanggal 4 Februari 2017. Moderator : Dicky Hendrasto

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