Interiority, Injecting Architecture

Rangkuman oleh Nirma Ayuni Setiasih

Dirangkum dari kuliah tanggal 23.09.2021, diisi oleh Keat Ong, moderator: Realrich Sjarief, host: Nirma Ayuni Setiasih

Keat Ong introduced his own formulation of form creation “INJARC” which consisted of 6 method as illustrated above.

He showed 3 projects to show how they are implemented in design. The first project is a retail space with intruding mass for the entrance that added uniqueness among glass-walled stores. Upon the entry, we would see another door that leads to another space with panels and furniture with Fragmentation method that brings unity to the divided space.

The second project is a group of cabins in a foothill that was designed as protruded volumes, as if it’s they are originating from the hill, showing a good demonstration of Intrusion method. They stacked on top of each other, facing slightly different direction to appear more organic. It also incorporates ceiling and wall design that shows Keat Ong’s sensitivity in taking care of details.

The last project shows manipulation in space, as it features layers of waving panels on the ceiling to reduce the height of the room as it’s too high for a resident. The design also demonstrated Intrusion method to achieve continuity of the ceiling across rooms. Grey metal “spaceships” masses that home storage are fragmented across the resident, giving unity to wall design.

The position and appropriateness of this methodology was questioned during the session, but in the end Keat concluded that there are thousand ways of innovation, but the good project is about the sensitivity, in terms of acknowledging the potentials and knowing your client limit.

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