Tua Tua Keladi #4 Lanai – Haziq Ariffin

LANAI is an independent Malaysian ‘archi-cultural’ zine produced by an informal collaborative collective which operates as a non-profit. LANAI aims to add to the discourse around design and architecture in Malaysia by collating pieces of thoughts and provocations centered around specific themes, presenting it as a way to think about the world and inform ourContinue reading “Tua Tua Keladi #4 Lanai – Haziq Ariffin”

Tua Tua Keladi #3 Concrete Matter – Joyee Lee

Concrete Matter is an online platform for the architecture community of Malaysia to share their theses and built projects, debate topics of architectural education or just have conversations about the field. The set-up is simple: a two-hour Zoom call with two presenters, during which the first half comprises a presentation, and the second half isContinue reading “Tua Tua Keladi #3 Concrete Matter – Joyee Lee”

Tua Tua Keladi #2 Project XYZ – Gary Yeow

Project XYZ has been actively involving in architectural competition, furniture and installation designs. Apart from designing objects, the initiative also interested in organising events such as podcast, moderations, workshops, and round table discussion. Young People are Dumb and Broke(?) In the architectural industry with endless possibilities and opportunities to learn, young students are often toContinue reading “Tua Tua Keladi #2 Project XYZ – Gary Yeow”

Tua Tua Keladi #1 Rembuk Arsitektur – Rezki Dikaputra

Rembuk Arsitektur (atau yang akrab disebut Rembukars) merupakan wadah untuk diskusi dan saling berbagi informasi terkait arsitektur dan hal-hal terkait. Dibuat untuk menjadi pengingat individu untuk mengasah semangat berbagi dan berunding. Diskusi bulanan ini diharapkan mampu menemukan irisan-irisan daripada cerita teman-teman hingga menjadi inspirasi. Apa makna dibalik Philosophy of Symbiosis? “Ketika Rembukars diputuskan untuk dapatContinue reading “Tua Tua Keladi #1 Rembuk Arsitektur – Rezki Dikaputra”