Bittersweet Memories in Design Experience | 19. Rudy Kelana


Rudy Kelana

Rudy Kelana was born in May 1968, later on he continued his undergraduate studies at Tarumanegara University in 1986. He is currently the Principal Architect of the Wahana Cipta Selaras Architect, the firm that he started in 1995. Various achievements have been achieved by the Wahana Cipta Selaras Architect which is engaged in some variations of the residential projects, public buildings and interiors. One of the basics thought that he and his firm held so far is that buildings affect human life, because almost all the time now humans spend it in buildings. This eventually propagates to the fundamental question “why…

Kuliah dilaksanakan tanggal 22 September 2018, Narasumber : Rudy Kelana | Moderator : Realrich Sjarief.

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