Bittersweet Memories in Design Experience | 01. Alvar Mensana


Alvar Mensana

Alvar Mensana, a young architect who grappled with a variety of questions. Consistency in the search of architecture brought him to various places and find a lot of things. It started since he was an intern at one companies in America, to finally work with Frank Gehry. He has passed the bittersweet in design experience from the beginning until the end. And now he will share the experiences with us.

“If you were a son of mine, I wouldn’t want you to be an architect, because it’s a tough way to be in the world.” – Peter Eisenman

As a young architects we often confused where to go after we graduated from the university. We will think twice about the desired workplace and also the way we practice. The earliest point in the face of this reality is actually the most crucial part in the search for the design characteristic of the young architects. Who we are, what has been done, how wishful thinking us to be confronted with the question of what, who, and in which we poured it all and able to directing us to be positive. The answers to these questions are sometimes answered well by the time. This is where persistence determination and ideals needed.

Kuliah dilaksanakan tanggal 12 September 2015. Narasumber : Alvar Mensana

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