Book – Filsafat Arsitektur untuk Mahasiswa

OMAH Library | Monochrome | Bahasa | 320 page
ISBN 978-602-5615-69-6 | Release Date December, 2018


Architecture as discipline always relates to the humanities, especially philosophy as the mother of knowledge. The topic of this book departs from the introduction of philosophy, the interpretation of works of fiction through films, and the dynamics of the philosophical history of the western and eastern worlds, each of which has thousands of years of age. Writing, interpretation, and artwork in this book are selected writings in the study of philosophy and its significande with the world of architecture. The series of chapters in it is a journey, an investigation, and a back reflection of the learning outcomes of the writers brought with fresh and shocking intonation. As a conclusion to the red thread, the final chapter includes self-reflection from the authors about the results of their learning.

Price: Rp149.999,- (Profesional)
Price: Rp74.999,- (Mahasiswa)

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