Book – The Guild

Price: Rp. 180.000
Writer: Realrich Sjarief & Anas Hidayat
Language: Bahasa & English
Pages: 201
Format: Soft cover | Monochrome
Dimensions: A5, 148 x 210 mm
Release Date: December, 2018
ISBN: 978-602-5615-68-9

The Guild portrays an architectural journey as a phenomenon. The journey is not only illustrated by a teamwork with the product of the architecture work alone, but weaved in the form of story with all of its griefs and lessons that have been attained. The introductory chapter begins with the memory of the former office and how the limitation becomes both spatial boundaries and design challenges. The first chapter explains The Guild as a microcosm and the interpretations that arised from. The next chapter is a transition of problem approach taken by RAW when completing complex designs in the Teluk Naga area, and how opportunities become a hidden passage towards something new. The next two chapters undermine the lessons received with an analogy that is common to everyday life and a fairy tale about the responsibilities of the architect’s profession.


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