Writing: Do and Don’t

Speaker: Apurva Bose Dutta
Moderator: Realrich Sjarief
Host: Satria A Permana
Lecture Notes: Amelia M Djaja
Video Editor: Kirana A Garini
Was live 10.07.2020

The profession of architecture has become representative of the society we live in. Arguably the most public art that affects human psychology most profoundly, architecture also happens to be the least discussed. Everyone does care about architecture, but the lack of a common language to talk about the built environment renders the profession as less understood.

Over the years, architecture-design writing has emerged as a language, which helps to interpret, identify, critique and celebrate the built environment, and provide a vision to create demand for better buildings, leading to better societies and culminating in better living. In this case, critical thinking leads to powerful architectural writing, which becomes the platform for critical and enlightening discourses on architecture, city-building and nation-building.

What does writing signify, and what are the mandates for it? Clear thinking, absorbing important ideas, correctly interpreting them, critiquing and creating opinions from them are just some of the mandates needed for writing. Writing should not only become a medium to communicate and educate about architecture and design; it should rightly be able to raise a voice and initiate a change. This is especially critical for Asian countries, where architecture and design remain a much-less discussed subject.

In her talk, Ar. Apurva Bose Dutta will discuss how writing should be able to assume more significant roles and responsibilities and contribute to a robust discourse on architecture- design.

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