Bittersweet Memories in Design Experience | 02. Erick Kristanto


Erick Kristanto

Erick Kristanto is an Indonesian born architect and design principal of Studio Kota. Erick has worked on various projects with different scale and complexity such as SSI Tower Jakarta, Baosteel tower Guangzhou, Office KL, Cliq Coffee and Infinite Cycle artwork Hong Kong. Erick’s practice focuses in specificity in architecture and discovery of new building typologies. At times he serves as a critic and guest speaker for local universities.

As young architects, we often have a desire for an adventure. We wanted to explore what we studied in college, coming to a new place, adapts to new environment, local or international, observes new things and have fun on making mistakes. The youngster often get lost and forget their responsibilities towards the future. The others of them precisely were drowned in fears about the future, forgetting their ships that maybe will anchored in the beautiful island.

Erick Kristanto, an architect who choose to have a great adventure, exploring the most extensive and vicious oceans, looking for the most beautiful islands to anchor the ship. He graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago for his master degree and Parahyangan University Bandung for his bachelor degree.

His bittersweet experience started since he worked for several company in Jakarta, was an intern at one companies in America, to finally work with OMA Hongkong, Wi design and Bjarke Ingels Group before establishing his practice Studio Kota Architecture at Jakarta.

Erick said, ”Architecture is marathon not a sprint.” Need a consistency and preparation to reach your purpose, when you have decided to START, keep persevere until you reach the FINISH line!

Kuliah dilaksanakan tanggal 10 Oktober 2015. Narasumber : Erick Kristanto

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